he answered the drum (for sundiata acoli*)

Bro. Zayid escribe:

Hoy cumple 81 años!…Lo han tenido en prisión durante 45 años! 45 years!…Es el momento de hacer algo al respecto! Sundiata Acoli!…

he answered the drum (for sundiata acoli*)

he answered the drum…
blacklash blues born texas tornado torn
he answered the drum!
what drum?
the drum that springs from the gates of our soul
and the seat of our memory!…
he answered the drum!
what drum?
the drum that warns us to face
the approach of that which seeks to
break cripple criminalize and dehumanize us…
he answered the drum!…
not that drum
manufactured by the system and the bloodsuckers
inviting our children to death!

he answered the drum!
that troubling but insistently irrepressible
heartsqueezing timeseizing
talking talking talking drum…
that drum!
that drum of war and struggle and sacrifice
that drum ringing courage all along our spines
casting aside a future
lush with all the trappings of socalled success
he put it all on the line!
and dared to embrace our people under siege
dared to engage our perpetual enemy
who keeps us perpetually under siege
like few have
like few will…

blacklash blues born texas tornado torn
country cool mathematically tooled
towering with talent
and epic malian eyes
he answered the drum
like only the bravest of his generation

That until the basic human rights
are equally guaranteed to all
without regard to race! but it’s a war…*

and now
at this late hour
with an urgent echoing in the air
questioning our bizarre
psychotic denial of this dance with a genocidal fate
echoing echoing in the air
awaiting our embrace of a dance affirming
life dignity freedom self determination and a loving cultivation of the land
by any means necessary!…

in this late hour
caught up in the cut throat
of the sixth century of this retrograde period
we must sound the drum
we must sound the drum…

the drum that brings to spectacle sunsoaring light
this just battle for justice
for those who have answered the drum
like he answered the drum
paying with his life
paying with their lives!
we are only masked dysfunctional deniers of truth
and of this moment of ours if we don’t…

so sound the drum
sound the drum!
unveil the injustice
undress the repression and the lies
‘xpose the emperor
for the parasitic hypocritical monster he is…

sound the drum sound the drum
so good planet earth green people
from all quarters and corners
can see with candlestick lit clarity
can understand
with ancient accomplishments seared gold
in that same seat of memory
and on the winds of the four directions
on the wings of truth and principle
love and courage and unity
can come together to resist
can come can come can come together to resist
and undo this monster of negation deception and death
so he can be free
they can be free we can be free
free from fear from oppression and from toxicity
free from their global system of xploitation and vulgarity!
free sundiata! what’s the call? free’m all!

That until that day, the dream of lasting peace
World citizenship, rule of international morality
will remain in but a fleeting illusion/to be pursued,
But never attained. Now everywhere is war! War…*
*War, Bob Marley.

“We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being,
to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being, in this society, on this earth, in this day,
which we intend to bring into existence
by any means necessary!…»
Malcolm X, June 28, ’64

*Sundiata Acoli, Assata Shakur’s co-defendent…A Panther legend, one of our longest held political prisoners…

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