¡Felicidades a Mike y Debbie África!


Mike y Debbie África se casaron  en una ceremonia asistida por 300 personas después de mantener su amor durante 40 años a pesar de estar separadxs físicamente por muros carcelarios.

Dice Michael Africa Junior lo siguiente sobre su reunificación en una hermosa ceremonia:

This wedding day was the most perfect day. Mike and Debbie got the love and support they deserve and worked so hard for. The 300 guests got to enjoy the the reunification of two souls that refused to be denied oneness. The love within my parents has generated cohesion amongst people that were otherwise enemies. This love that my parents share for one another has pulled people together that had not been seen for decades. It has created opportunities for people who never knew, to discover and take part in this beautiful celebration. Thank you all for coming and participating in the fun games we played. Thank you all for showing your love. Thank you all for loving me as I love you. Thank you all for embracing my parents. Thank you all for just being you. I love you all. “Righteousness is the power that pulls all things together” John Africa. #johnafrica #mikeanddebbieswedding #mikeanddebbie #MOVE #MOVE9 #love #Blacklove #Mikeafricajr
Photos taken by Tommy Omar Fabián Olivera


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